About G

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Inspired by Richard Pryor’s “That Niggas Crazy”, G Reilly has always wanted to be that guy who helps people take their minds off their problems by making them laugh.

Reilly’s quick wit and intelligence serve him well in his abilities to fuse current events and topics with comedy. “What excites me most (about my work) is the interaction with the fans,” says G, “I think my comedy is educating. When you walk away, you have a different outlook on things.”

G Reilly has worked with Russell Peters, Dane Cook, Gabriel Iglesias, Ralphie May and the U.S. Navy assisting with their visual communications.

A fan’s comedian, Reilly loves connecting with his audience and fans love him because of his accessibility and his having “been there” just like them. “I had a bad break-up and got stuck with bills,” recounts Reilly when reflecting on what path brought him to his career in comedy. Now, comedy is a way of life, “My passion is my work. I’ve been doing comedy too long to do anything else.”