8 Questions with G Reilly

1) When did you realize, comedy is what you wanted to do; and how did you get started?

I knew I wanted to do comedy the first time I heard Richard Pryor. I would sneak and listen to him at 3am when everyone was sleep.

2) Have people always responded to your jokes, even as a kid, in a positive way?

I`ve always been funny, people that didn’t know me would say to me “you need to do comedy” so figured if I COULD make everyone laugh then I should make every one laugh.

3) How did you meet Gabriel Iglesias, (fluffy)?

I met Fluffy at a restaurant that did comedy in Montebello, Ca. It was one of the roughest comedy places I`ve ever worked. Because of the audience I was actually scared to go out there, but I also didn’t want the comics to know I was scared. So I kept going back and ended up loving the place. I called it combat comedy.

4) What’s something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

That I tear up at movies that touch me, I don`t know when that started but sometimes I feel myself tearing up and say damn! Where did that come from?

5) You’ve travelled quite a bit… Do you have any favorite cities? If so, why?

I really like Miami because the people are beautiful and not as pretentious as the people in L.A. Also being from NYC I also love the east coast energy of the city.

6) Were you shocked at the reaction received by the “Racist Gift Basket” joke?

Yes, I never in my wildest dream thought the racist gift basket would get this big, and it`s still getting bigger. I think my career has already been mapped out, I’m doing what I love and I’m not chasing anything. I didn’t get in to comedy to become an actor; if the opportunity came I’d look into it but I’d be happy headlining my own shows in huge arenas.

7) When preparing for a show, is there anything you do that’s become a ritual?

I have no rituals before I go on stage, I don`t get nervous or anything. I had a waitress ask me once, “Do you get nervous before a big show?” My response was, “Do you get nervous before you go to work?” I talk to the audience like I talk to my friends.

8) What advice would you give to those, who aspire to be a comedian?

The best advice I can give to an aspiring comic is…

1) It`s called show business, but it should be called business show. MAKE SURE you take care of the business.

2) Comedy isn’t something you do; it has to be in you.

3) Stay away from the party.

4) If you’re just starting out do all audiences… black, white, latin, gay; learn to be a comedian.